Rider Friend offers complete drum kit rentals in the most popular brands.  Select kits from manufacturer's like DW, Yamaha, Pearl and Ludwig!

New drum head packages are available, and "like new" heads are available for purchase for a reduced price.

We also have a large inventory of percussion equipment and accsessories.



A huge selection of guitars and amps are available. Rider Friend provides combo amps as well as the most requested heads and cabinets.







Over the years, we've also amassed a large inventory of today's most requested keyboards.  We can handle requests using Nord, Yamaha, Hammond, Roland, and many other brands.


Keyboard Amps and select Controllers are also available.


Rider Friend provides the areas biggest selection of bass rigs.  Our inventory includes items from Aguilar, Ampeg, SWR, Gallien-Krueger, Eden, and Hartke!





Backline is the production industries term/jargon for music instruments used on stage.  This includes the actual instruments (guitars, keyboards, drums, etc...) and also the close amplification equipment (guitar amplfiers, bass rigs, In-Ear Monitors).


Most requested backline items are expensive to own and transport across the country.  Backline companies, like Rider Friend, cater to the artists that require high-quality equipment in order to produce their high-quality sound.  We fulfill promoter contracted riders to specification and work with manufacturer's and large production houses to meet any demand.


We have provided yet-to-be released guitar amplfiers direct from Fender, guitars direct from Gibson of New York, and the best backline products from around the country.


Rider Friend is also dedicated to our local community of musicians.  We've helped with multiple recording projects for artists that couldn't previously afford to own the most expensive equipment. 


Rider Friend uses in-house facilities to repair and maintain our backline inventory.  We thoroughly check our equipment for any potential failures that might occur.






Rider Friend employs a dedicated staff of experienced musicians.  We provide on-site tech services for larger events and provide a fleet of trucks to efficiently deliver equipment.



Many touring artists request our staff provide guitar, keyboard, and drum tech services.


Our staff knows music.  We are musicians.  We personally trust and use much of the same equipment to help produce our own shows.  Each employee of Rider Friend has been through years of training and has the areas most respected knowledge of backline equipment!



A Brief History

Rider Friend has been providing backline for artists in NW Arkansas for over 15 years.  In the 1990s, we began serving live music events under a sound and lighting company - JTH Audio.  Years later, we found our little backline division had grown into a sizeable entity of it's own.  New space was dedicated and employees were hired to handle the increasing amount of events. 


In 2015, JTH Audio restructured and created Rider Friend.  This change allows us to better cater to our clients without sacrificing the same professional service that the region has come to expect.  As a result, our inventory is expanding and our standard of excellence has increased.  We are more dedicated than ever before to serving musicians of all levels.

Recent Inventory Additions

Paiste 22" 2002 Ride Cymbal

Paiste 20" Sig Precision Ride

Paiste 20" 2002 Crash Power

Paiste 18" 2002 Power Crash

Pasite 18" 2002 Crash

Paiste 17" 2002 Crash

Paiste 16" 2002 Crash

Paiste 15" Sound Edge High Hat

Paiste 14" Signature Precision    Heavy High-Hat

Alesis QX49 Controller

Aguilar DB 751 Bass Head

Aguilar 410 Bass Cabinet

Meinl Percussion Table

Vox AC15

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